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Halogen lamps for optics, heating and studio lighting

There are many Quartz Halogen styles used for various applications, we have many of them in stock. These lamps are commonly used for studio, theater, TV & video


Any tungsten filament lamp can be used as an infrared heat source. The most practical are quartz halogen lamps. Tubular and reflector lamps have been most successful. Tubular quartz lamps are available in a number of wattages and voltages which allows for ramping using variacs or simple dimming devices.


Available in dichroic (thin film) reflectors or highly efficient gold coating, allows for various beam distributions, wattages, and voltages. Special high temp sockets and transformers available from inventory for optical package. (Ellipsoidal-designed reflector develops up to 1500C 19mm in front of lamp face.)


Not considered an IR source, but an excellent heater source due to higher efficacy, high color temperature, and large variety of types, quartz halogen lamps are desirable due to small physical size, ease of use, low cost, and good availability. Many uses have been found for vacuum application and RTP (rapid thermal processing) popular in integrated circuit manufacturing. Various lampholders and transformers for low voltage types available as a package.