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Mercury & Xenon Arc

Lamps for Medical diagnostics, Optical & Semi Conductor Equipment, Solar Simulation, and Helicopter Searchlights.

Xenon and mercury short arc plasma lamps exhibit the highest luminance and radiance output of any continuously operating light source and very closely approach the ideal model for a point source of light.

The very small size of the arc makes it possible to focus the light from the lamp with moderate precision. For this reason, xenon arc lamps of smaller sizes, down to 10 watts, are used in optics and in precision illumination for microscopes and other instruments. Larger lamps are employed in searchlights, and stepper (photolithography for semi conductors) equipment where narrow beams of light are generated.

USH, HBO, and XBO Lamps in stock include, but are not limited to:

Additional High Wattage Mercury Xenon

Helicopter Searchlights