Universal Light Source, Inc

Technical Lighting Specialists


We supply lamps to various industries.

Markets Served

At Universal Light Source we work closely with a wide variety of customers while always supplying excellent service, products, knowledge and experience. Our market types include but are not limited to:

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

Much of our time is committed to serving OEMs and providing them with accurate and intelligent service. We have extensive scientific and electrical knowledge that allows us to carefully analyze your needs and supply the correct information and materials needed for the OEMs to produce the best product.


While it might seem surprising that Universal Light Source is eager to work with other distributors, we do this because our expertise and ability to analyze problems helps to create a positive working relationship with other distributors.


Our years of experience in the industry means our company is a valued resource at the institutional level. Whether a university professor needs certain lamps for the chemistry department or a grad student is looking for a single lamp for his work, our friendly staff is always ready to help.

International Markets

We are proud of our ability to provide timely service regardless of our customer's location. Our staff handles both imports and exports of international products with ease, providing clear and concise information quickly.

Individual Users

Our intimate atmosphere allows our customers to receive the same consistent level of expertise and products. Individual users continue to be impressed with our ability to sell directly and with our in-depth knowledge of specific equipment.