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Lamps used in medicine and laboratory diagnostics include Mercury, Xenon, UV-B, UV-C Germicidal, Deuterium, and Flash Lamps.

Xenon Short Arc

Xenon Short Arc lamps are used in all microscopy units, diagnostic industrial analytical equipment, including spectrofluorometers, blood analyzers, optical comparators, and UV curing applications.

Common lamp types include USH-350DS, USH-205D, USH102DP, HBO350W/S, and USH-510FU. Call us to find out more about the Xenon lamps we stock.

UV-C Germicidal

Ultraviolet radiation is often used to decontaminate the interior surfaces of biological safety cabinets (BSCs). As an aid in the decontamination of surfaces in a biological safety cabinet, ultraviolet radiation of wavelength 254 nanometers (nm) is often used. This is in the range of wavelengths known as UVC.

Common lamp types include G36T5L/C, G64T5L/C, G30T8, and G15T8. We have these and many other Germicidal UVC lamps in stock.


Deuterium Light Sources offer a continuous UV spectrum that is ideal for use on spectroscopy.

We stock a number of different models from Heraeus, Hamamatsu and others, including part numbers: L1789, DO801, DO302, DO902, D1050, R.23, G.03, 3UNXGa, 5QN/Cu-Zn, Cu, Pb, As and Hollow Cathode.