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Metal Halide Lamps For UV Curing

UV medium-pressure lamps are used in industrial applications to cure special UV curing paints, adhesives and printing inks and for reprography. The emission spectrum of the UV lamps can be changed by adding metal halides such as gallium iodide and iron iodide. In this way, these so-called metal halide lamps (MH lamps) are precisely tuned to your process.

Equipment Includes Platemaker and Exposure units such as:

Nuarc, Theimer, Berkey, Amagraph, Olec and Kelleigh.

Common Lamp Types:

GW114, 1406-01, 1406-02, 1406-03, 1406-07, TH5027, L1250, L1261, L1280, L1281, L1282, NP80, HT28, LY33, KT38, M061, SMX7000, MXA7000, NMX7000, 10700, 10265, 10266, 8MD-2, HPM17