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IR & Xenon Strobe for Semi Conductor Applications

Single and double-ended quartz halogen lamps used in RTP (Rapid Thermal Process) or CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposit) applications. Quartz infrared lamps efficiently convert electrical energy into radiated heat.

Semiconductor processing equipment manufactured by OEMs such as Applied Materials utilize heat sources to irradiate wafer surfaces. Halogen quartz lamps designed into systems for heat applications allow for high heat transfer operations to be performed in short duty cycles. Quartz halogen filament lamps also allow flexibility for temperature variability as needed for the process because power can be varied.

Xenon Arc lamps are used in Semiconductor equipment for Wafer Surface Inspection, Wafer Edge Exposure, Photo Etching, Photo Resist, Stepper Equipment, Liquid Crystal Photolithography, and Mask Alignment.