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With over 4000 lamp types available Universal Light Source supplies lamps for all makes and models used in todays production processes. Whether your equipment uses UV or Infrared we can help you find the right product.

Infrared Heaters are most commonly used in smaller systems or those using aqueous coatings. Single tube heaters combining 1000W & 2000W in a staggared configuration. IR heaters are available in many sizes, wattages with various base types and configurations. Larger systems with aqueous coatings use twin tube heaters with gold reflectors in significantly higer wattages. Heaters can come in Short, Medium and Long Wave Infrared.

UV lamps are positioned at various stations throughout the press to cure inks. One or more colors may be laid onto the substrate and cured at the “Inner Deck” followed by additional colors which are cured at the “Final” station. These lamps are available in various lengths, wattages per inch and spectral ranges. Over time, ink chemistry and substrate materials change which may affect spectral output and curing time. Modifications can be made to the lamps to shift the spectral output for proper cure.

Medium pressure lamps all start as Mercury with a peak output of 350 - 30nm. The spectral output can be shifted to match ink chemistry by adding such elements as Iron or Gallium. Often times the lamp must be doped for specific ink colors like white or black. Our factory has the capability of custom manufacturing doped lamps to match your specific application.

Available End Fittings

UV lamps are available in a large varitey of ceramic and metal base types along with wire leads and end connectors. Some types are specific to certain OEM's. Although most are standard new ceramic styles have developed in order to try to keep these lamps proprietary.

Our capabilities have always allowed us to reproduce these variations in order to offer you an alternate source which is imparative to avoid downtimes, lost production and expensive freight charges.