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UV, Xenon Strobe & Flash Lamps for Solar Simulation

Xenon arc lamp: this is the most common type of lamp both for continuous and flashed solar simulators. These lamps offer high intensities and an unfiltered spectrum which matches reasonably well to sunlight. However, the Xe spectrum is also characterized by many undesirable sharp atomic transitional peaks, making the spectrum less desirable for some spectrally sensitive applications. Xe arc lamps can be designed for low powers or up to several kilowatts, providing the means for small- or large- area illumination, and low to high intensities.

Metal Halide arc lamp: Primarily developed for use in film and television lighting where a high temporal stability and daylight color match are required, metal halide arc lamps are also used in solar simulation.

Quartz tungsten halogen lamps offer spectra which very closely match black body radiation, although typically with a lower color temperature than the sun.