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Tubular and Compact Germicidal Lamps

UVC disinfects Air and Surfaces without chemicals.

Surface Sterilization in Laboratories (Biotech, Pharmaceutical & Medical Settings) and Food Industries (Processing, Restaurants, Bakeries, Dry-Aged Beef, Produce, and more):

Laboratories use UVC for disinfection of equipment, bio-hoods and clean rooms.

In the food industry UVC lamps are used for irradiation: germicidal ultraviolet light can kill viruses, bacteria, yeast, and fungi in seconds, extending shelf life and nutritional value.

UV light applications are now being used for filling equipment, conveyor belts, transport containers and working surfaces of foodstuffs.

Air Sterilization for HVAC, Healthcare, and Industrial use:

Germicidal UV purifies the air from microorganisms that cause illness and contaminants that aggravate asthma or other respiratory ailments and allergies, including mold spores.

The use of UVC in odor control has many applications, including wastewater treatment plants, farms, commercial kitchens (HVAC), and food processing facilities.

UVC germicidal lamps are also critical in purifying the air in industries where harmful and toxic chemicals (VOCs and industrial exaust) are produced, such as printing, plastics and rubber.