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UL-XS1600/G for Nightsun ® Searchlight

FAA PMA Approved

Product Description

The ULS ULXS1600/G/244 is a DC-Controlled lamp that is specifically designed for applications requiring excellent ARC stability and high light output.

Technical Data

Part Number UL-XS1600/G
Power (W) 1,600
Voltage (V) 25.3
Rated Current (A.D.C.) 58 - 65A
Current Control Range (A.D.C.) 58 - 65
Average Lumen Output (LM) 56,000
Luminous Intensity (LM) 5,800
Burning Position H28±20° - V±20°
Forced Air Cooling (m/sec.) 10 - 13
Base Ø - Pin Ø or Thread (mm) Anode (+) 28-5 X 3 pins
Cathode (-) 28 - 9.5
spec for 1600w helicopter searchlight
xs1600 searchlight