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UV-A Lamps for Commercial Printing

UVA is in the 315 - 420nm wavelength range. This includes Photopolymer (365 - 400nm) and Diazo (400 - 420nm). We carry a wide range of UVA lamps used in curing of inks and lamanants, including medium pressure, metal halide and specialized flourescents. We also supply quartz plates & aluminum reflectors for printing equipment, and digital radiometers.

Narrow Web for Label Printing

For decades web presses have been used to manufacture and print labels for a wide array of applications. Every type of packaging requires labels for branding, instructions, nutritional facts and more. Labels for Food & Beverage, Medical, Cosmetics & Healthcare, Household products and Private Branding are manufactured using many techniques. UV inks are applied one layer at a time and cured with UV lamps.

Universal Light Source, Inc. has been supplying UV lamps for the Label Printing industry for over 35 years. During this time we have acquired a complete understanding of the physic, chemistry and mathematics used in the manufacturing process.

We have an extensive list of lamps and a cross reference database for UV lamps used in virtually all presses.