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UV-C lamps for Water, Surface, and Air Disinfection

We carry a wide range of UVC lamps used in disinfection of water, surface and air. These lamps emit UV radiation in the 245nm range, and are also manufactured to emit 185nm, which creates Ozone gas by ionizing atmospheric oxygen.

Tubular Quartz UV-C lamps are often used to treat municipal waste water, offering a way for treatment centers to reduce the amount of chemicals discharging into the environment. They come in many different base types from companies such as Trojan and Aquafine, we have extensive cross references, so please call or email any questions.

UV-C lamps are also used in industry, both in creating super-pure DI water for semi conductor industries, and in treating industrial waste water.

Along with the UV lamps, we also supply Quartz Water Jackets for submerging the lamps in water. For smaller projects or for testing purposes, we carry single ended germicidal lamps that are made with a jacket attached, called "cell lamps".